Getting Holi in Hollywood

This Saturday, Odd Little Hippo- alongside a few hundred others- had the chance to try something different in the Pacific Palisades. The gathering took place on the beaches of Will Rogers State Beach in a festival of explosive color to honor the ancient tradition of Holi. Pronounced like the english Holy. Holi is a Hindu … Continue reading

Rain rain go away!

What a sad weekend it has been in Los Angeles!  The rain just doesn’t seem to want to let up this year and with over six inches of rain in the last three days, it is safe to say our city is in shut down mode.  I had never seen anything like Angelenos and the … Continue reading

Welcome to our blog!

After getting my feet wet with an Etsy store, establishing a groove on my facebook page, and falling in love with Twitter , I am finally getting to my blog. Poor little blog has just been hanging out with nothing to sing or shout since November. When I first started this whole ordeal of getting … Continue reading

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