“Odd’s” Focus

At Odd Little Hippo we like to think of ourselves as the hunter for our customers.  We have the advantage  of living in an amazing city known for its eclectic individuals with strange behaviors and unique style. They’re not joking when they call this place “Holly-Weird.” We regularly frequent estate sales in the hottest areas of Los Angeles including West Hollywood and Melrose, Venice Beach and Abbot Kinney, Malibu, Beverly Hills, and the mansions of Palos Verdes.  We also enjoying hitting up  the Valley and Orange County when the mood strikes right.

We look for the "Odd" in our world!

We never know what we are going to find in our travels, but that’s what makes what we do FUN.  For the most we try to maintain a focus on men’s and women’s vintage clothing, particularly what we like to call “Modern Vintage.” Modern vintage is defined as anything in the last twenty years, primarily late eighties and nineties.  Anything not quite old enough to be vintage but not from our current decade either.  Occasionally we’ll get lucky and have a nice score from a random decade.  In the past few weeks we have had major luck in early 1960’s men’s shirts and a nice run of 1970’s women’s dresses.  We never know what we are walking into when we head into a sale which makes it fun for you to keep checking back with us!

Vintage clothing is our passion!

As well as clothing we also enjoy hunting down vintage home decor which we refer to as “Apartment Decor.” Apartment decor items are just random small and unique “pieces” we find that are easy to add to your existing home decor.  Our main focus in this category is the 1970s, for whatever reason Jordan and I are very much drawn to this decade when it come to home furnishings and fashion.  It just so happens that the return of the swag and shag is very much “in” in the decorating world.

Strange items for the home, we call that odd "Apartment Decor"

Lastly, above and beyond anything else we do, we pride ourselves in finding quality and “odd” pieces for your home and wardrobe.  In this cookie cutter world we live in why would you want the same old, same old as the Jones’ down the street?  We strive to find the weird, the ugly, and the odd pieces to pass on to you, our customers.

So? Do you think your ODD enough?


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