About Us

Jordan and Alicia in Vegas! Las Vegas is THE BEST place for thrift stores.

Hello, and welcome to Odd Little Hippo.  Here at Odd Little Hippo we are about sharing, finding, exploring, and passing along our adventures as we walk, skip, jump, climb, and claw our way though this crazy journey we call life.  “We” are the Cute Couple, also known as Alicia and Jordan, two kids on the wrong side of twenty-something living and playing in Los Angeles.

Our life revolves what we love and we love the run-around of Thrift Stores, Auctions, Estate Sales, and Dumpster Diving. We enjoy the humorous, freaky, shocking, and inspiring individuals it puts us into contact with, the pleasure of reclaiming once loved items and thrill of breathing new life and purpose into those items. Not to mention the all around exhilaration we derive from the adventure of exploring one of the most awe inspiring cities in the world, Los Angeles.

The simple pleasure of seeking unknown treasures is what drives us. The adrenaline infused rush that overtakes the mind and body with  just a single “find”  can leave us with a high that is unmatched by even the best of California Homegrown green. Similar to a punch in the stomach, is the feeling we get when first laying eyes on the coveted “perfect find.” A sickening feeling in the gut tells us “this its the one” the feeling quickly bubbles up through the mid-section and into the chest as pure joy.  This amazing emotional roller coaster that we like to call the “hunt.” It is why,  “once you start ‘hunting’ its hard to ever stop.”  Seriously folks, this is addicting and we at Odd Little Hippo are addicts.

We are just two people in love lucky enough to make hunting, thrifting, reclaiming, recycling, upcycling, and whatever verb you care to call it, our life. We are Odd Little Hippo and we love to save the old, vintage, thrown away, neglected, unloved , beautiful, and odd items from going into our already over crowded landfills in hopes of passing them along to others for them to once again gain the title of new, kept, cherished, loved, beautiful, and still odd.

Shouldn’t we all strive to be just a little “odd” anyways?

2 Responses to “About Us”
  1. Don says:

    “Cute Couple” is right!! Love the Story and Approach to Living!!!

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