Long Beach Estate Sales

Today found Odd Little Hippo in Long Beach and Los Angeles once again getting pounded by the rain.  Have I mentioned how ready I am for spring?  What is the purpose of living in beautiful “sunny” southern california if I have to bundle up in winter gear just to leave the house?  Okay my pity party is officially over and I’m begging my beloved California gods for forgiveness for such slanderous words.

Long Beach and their MANY estate sales, we hit up five today, were a big NEGATIVE .  In the past Long Beach sales have been very kind to Odd Little Hippo, but today something was very much amiss.  Sale after sale was just completely and totally disappointing.  Unfortunately, my moods are very much ruled by such minor inconveniences as estate sales not living up to my standards, I am a Cancer of the zodiac after all.

Whether or not we were able to purchase new items for our wonderful customers on Etsy isn’t the ONLY reason we enjoy what we do.  Being able to gain access to these amazing homes of California is a major plus too.  There has never been a time when I was not completely amazed by at least one thing in these strangers homes.  Having access to people’s lives, their homes, and their possessions the items they cherished above all- is sometimes a creepy feeling but mostly it’s intriguing.

Today there were two homes that deserve a mention- as well as me realizing an immense need to get a new point and shoot camera- for being straight-up cool.  There is nothing I hate more than not being able to document our adventures, but hopefully next week I’ll have a new camera.

Our first stop this morning was a beautiful house overlooking Catalina Island.  The floor layout was so open and spacious, it had Jordan and I both redesigning it with our things in our heads. The man who had lived there was Asian and had some really amazing and beautiful art and furniture from all his travels to the orient. The entire living room- dining room  had  an amazing tranquil and zen layout, that just made you feel at ease.  All of the sitting areas were grouped together-without the intrusion of a television- in a very peaceful and Feng Shui way.  Made me long to sit in our living room and just enjoy family and friends grouped closely together, no television or electronic devices.

At that same sale, I came across a brand that I had never seen or heard of before. Just another perk to scavenging for vintage clothing.  The brand was Coogie and normally I would have just looked at it an moved on but the price tag made me stop and want to educate myself.  Thank goodness for smart phones!  Turns out these crazy looking sweaters are designer and carry a hefty price tag.  We found a few men’s sweaters as loud and wild as Richard Simmons and they are best described as Bill Cosby sweater’s.

The only other sale worth mentioning was a small inconspicuous house.  The first thing that made this sale interesting to me was an ad claiming, “NO CHILDREN WILL BE  ALLOWED INSIDE.” If only that was always a rule? We started our rounds through the house, examining other people’s things but then we go upstairs;  bedroom #1, bedroom #2, and door #3.  Opening it, we assume it will end  up being bedroom #3. Instead we are greeted to a huge echoing room about the side of the entire rest of the house.  Mind you this in on the second floor, we look up and there is a huge mural of angles and strange-looking people taking up a whole side of the wall, 40-50 feet and climbing close to 20 feet tall?

After some questioning on such a strange placement or an even stranger room, again we are on the second floor of a residential home, we found out that it was add-on to the house in the early 30’s and built to be a dance studio.  My curiosity did get the better of me and after some research I discovered that the two most popular dances of the 1930’s were Swing, the Charleston, and a spin-off known as the Lindy Hop.  Now we all know a few more factoids for the next trivial pursuit game night.


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