Adele and her new album 21

For so many people all over the world, music is a sort of transcendent experience.  It has the ability to take people from the mundane to an exhilarated state.  What an amazing power, that which is music and the voices and instruments that express them.  What an amazing power to be able to bring such joy into our lives.

Very few artists, or music in general, effect me as intensely as it can others. But this week started off differently, when I first heard Adele on the Today Show. From the moment I first a syllable leave her lips I knew I was in for a treat.  I stopped everything I was doing to listen to her sing, “Rolling in the Deep.”  A wonderful “Fuck You” song to the one who wronged her.  Who hasn’t needed a song like that in their arsenal of healing melodies?  For such a melancholy tune it is surprisingly upbeat with an intense mix of soulful blues and gospel that really makes you wanna get up and dance or at the very least tap your toes and book a flight for Memphis.

Her second album, 21(named for her age from which she wrote the album) ,had me at hello.  Curious enough to check out the album after just one song and interview, I turned to the internet and found First Listen of the entire album brought to my ears by NPR, just another reason for me to just LOVE my NPR.

After the Today Show on Monday everywhere I turned was this amazing voice that is Adele.  Opened my Elle for the month, there she is.  Turned on Ellen, again this time performing “Someone Like You.”  A beautiful piano ballad wishing an ex, “nothing but the best” and acknowledging that “sometimes is lasts in love but sometimes it huts instead.”   Wow, you can tell that this is a girl who has been stung by the hurt of love yet something tells me this one’s going to be okay.

Outside of my love for her voice, Adele seems to be a genuine person.  In interviews she seems spunky yet endearing, calm and humble. In this rough and tumble world, authenticness seems hard to come by but at the same time a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Wanna know more about this artist as well as “10 BEST SONGS?”  Check out the following link for much more information than I could ever give….



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