Men’s Hairstyles in the 1960’s

The Sixties was a time of extreme changes in both cultural and political trends. It has been dubbed the “cultural decade” because of the counterculture and social revolution near the end of the decade. The decade has also been labeled the Swinging Sixties because of the fall of many social taboos relating to sexism and racism. The decade is also synonymous with all the new, exciting, radical, and subversive events and trends of the period, which continued to develop into the 1970s and beyond. All of these events had a very direct effect on the hairstyles that men wore back in the day.

Men who had served in the war kept their crew cuts during the 1950s, they really didn’t have many options in their dress or hairstyles if they were to conform to society’s expectations. Moving into the beginning of the decade from the late fifties was still the classic crew cut.

The early 60’s found the United States well into the Vietnam War and in the midst of  conservativeness, so crew cuts were the norm and a show of respect.  As the decade moved into the mid-60’s, men found themselves letting their crew top grow slightly longer into the popular Ivy League crew cut, slightly longer hair on top with the very short sides. As the attitude for the war and other cultural revolutions grew so did mens and women’s hair.

Slightly longer hair trends of the day were influence by Elvis into the 60’s ..

And the biggest influence of the decade came in the form of the mop top!  Different longer hairstyles became very popular in the late 1960s. From the sleek look of a blunt one-length style, such as that preferred by The Beatles, to the more layered shag ‘do of early Ringo Starr.

Also popular in the 1960’s was the Afro. African Americans started to grow their hair long which resulted in the Afro. Rocker Jimi Hendrix also wore an Afro.

Malcolm X was against blacks straightening their hair. So, as a sign of black pride, natural curly Afros were acceptable. Afros became symbols of ethnic pride, progressivism, and liberalism.

One Response to “Men’s Hairstyles in the 1960’s”
  1. It is just amazing how hairstyles change from era to era! It’s interesting to see the difference between what people in the past saw as hip or cool then, and what the youth today view as hip and cool now. Like music, clothing and technology, hairstyles express how people think during their time. And it is unbelievable how our times can be so different and yet so alike at the same time!

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