Rain rain go away!

What a sad weekend it has been in Los Angeles!  The rain just doesn’t seem to want to let up this year and with over six inches of rain in the last three days, it is safe to say our city is in shut down mode.  I had never seen anything like Angelenos and the rain when my boyfriend and I first moved to Venice Beach in 2005.  If there is even talk of rain, the city seems to turn into a ghost town.

The rain hibernation is really for the best, because driving in Los Angeles is scary enough without rain on the road. There really isn’t anything scarier than  Angelenos driving in the rain. Some go the normal “crazy fast” speed while others slow to barely a crawl. The freeways get jammed which causes wrecks which in return cause inevitable “look-y loos” slowdowns.  You know the type, people that just can’t seem to pry their eyes from the chaos of a  wreck  and therefore slowing everyone down behind them.

All this criticism coming from a girl whose own hometown has topped “worst drivers in America” list, and has lived in the Rocky Mountains and driven through countless near blizzards, as well as learned to drive a manual stick on the freeways of Atlanta in rush hour traffic.(Thanks dad)  All were cakewalks compared to LA rain drivers.

In their defense, I will say, since we get very little rain in Southern California when it does rain the roads get incredibly slick due to all of the oil in the asphalt that comes to the surface in the rain.  Unfortunately its not just the traffic that has made our weekend difficult. With the majority of the year being filled with sunshine, any chance of rain keeps people inside and in our business thats not good. Weekends are spent hunting down garage sales, going to estate sales, and plowing craigslist’s free section.  Those activities are our bread and butter.  Having the town seemingly shut down is downright depressing!

So please universe hear our cry, from the lips of Odd Little Hippo, “Spring, please hurry we sure miss our sunshine.”

An interesting side note, in 2008 the droughts in Southern California had gotten so bad that L.A. County Board of Supervisors approved a $800,000 cloud seeding proposal to entice the clouds to produce more rain. This unorthodox practice had already been used several times over the decades with only varying degrees of success.

Originally developed during the 1940s, cloud seeding isn’t exactly a novel technology, and there are several different methods. In Los Angeles, a company called North America Weather Consultants set off flares above the San Gabriel Mountains to inject silver iodide into the atmosphere –specifically into clouds. The idea here is to coax the clouds into producing additional ice crystals and, hopefully, more rain.

It could be worse: L.A. did once hire rain dancers to relieve drought-like conditions in the 1980s. Tax dollars well spent I’m sure…

This is Alicia with Odd Little Hippo signing off ! With zero new finds from Los Angeles this weekend, be sure to check out our exciting items that are currently for sale on Etsy @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/OddLittleHippo


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