Welcome to our blog!

After getting my feet wet with an Etsy store, establishing a groove on my facebook page, and falling in love with Twitter , I am finally getting to my blog. Poor little blog has just been hanging out with nothing to sing or shout since November.

When I first started this whole ordeal of getting our blog “pretty,” it was mid-afternoon. Now it is deep  into the evening. I really figured it would be an hour of work at the maximum, boy was I wrong!  Here I am hours later and only halfway satisfied with it. The bulk of that time was spent figuring out how to get a photo in that nice big area where there is now a lovely picture at the top of the screen, geez!

Oh well, its nearly monsoon like conditions in LA and It’s up and that is something to be proud of.  I hope you also accomplished something to be proud of today:O) Our sense of happiness and self-worth is largely wrapped up in small daily achievements .

Please  be sure to check out our “About” tab to find out more about Odd Little Hippo and who we are. Hope see you soon!  Ciao


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